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The tendency to throw away the year and look forward to 2009 is strong for many of us; there’s no disputing it, 2008 was tough. But, with only December left, I recommend one last look at your financial situation.  It’s not too late to refinance, or to buy a home. An with rates currently trending in the 5% range, why wait? Contact me today:

Here’s a couple of responses to Mortgage Rate Trends Survey:

The initial market reaction to the Fed decision has been very favorable, with as much as a half percent reduction in interest rates to homeowners. What remains to be seen is if will it hold up. Over the past few months, many moves have been made by the Fed and none have had much impact past the initial day or two, so it remains to be seen if this will hold up … but it looks like the market is liking this move right now!
Brian Peart, president, Nexus Financial, Atlanta

The signficance of the Fed’s action cannot be overstated. This is reducing mortgage rates in a big way, and is designed to have some staying power. If fixed rates stay in the 5.5 percent neighborhood for months on end, just imagine what that means to homebuyers, home sellers, and anyone considering refinancing out of a fixed rate. The action is long overdue, but most welcome.
Greg McBride, senior financial analyst,

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