Each year, through the approval of the City of Clearwater, I attend the annual employee’s wellness day as a recommended Mortgage Broker; it’s a great opportunity for us to connect. More importantly, (in keeping with the “wellness” theme), it’s an opportunity to remind the City of Clearwater that the “health” of their finances have a direct impact on their daily lives too. 

Now, more than ever, keeping tabs on your budget, insurance(s), mortgage(s), retirement plan(s), etc. are crucial. At Marks & Marks Mortgage, we have partnered with Certified Financial Planners throughout the Tampa Bay area who offer complimentary free financial plans, or “check-ups” for our customers.

Let’s be honest, you go to the doctor for a physical to get answers regarding your health; simply because you’re not an expert in the field of medicine, and you want to make sure you’re healthy. So, if you’re not an expert regarding finances, (and most of us aren’t), then why wouldn’t you get an annual “finance physical” as well?

Contact me today so we can choose the best Financial Planner for you.  

 -Tony Marks Becoming Famous 1 Mortgage at a Time.  marksmortgage@gmail.com